suva tips

Reduce your risk of accidents thanks to tips for better fitness and less stress.

Braking maneuvers are among the highest stresses in snow sports.

Tip: Strengthen your muscles and train your coordination of movement.

With the wrong technique, humps and jumps can really hurt your knees and back.

Tip: Compensating for unevenness by bending your torso and legs relieves pressure and saves energy. Learn the right technique for this.

Skis with a small radius generate higher loads than skis with a larger radius.
Tip: Would you like to reduce the stress when skiing? Choose skis with a larger radius.

The higher the speed, the greater the braking distance.
Tip: To reduce the risk of accidents, simply adapt your speed.

  • An accident can happen quickly: a muscle strain, muscle tear or ligament tear.
  • A good physical condition considerably reduces the risk of sports accidents and is the basis for an effective technique.
  • Regularly strengthen your muscles and train your motor coordination.
  • The exercises chosen for this fitness program are designed for all those who want to improve their physical condition.