General Rental Terms and Conditions


Rental skis are equipped with a tested security binding. The renter will take note that even with a binding adjusted individually, not every risk of accident can be excluded. If the binding is set at a level too weak (the binding opens easily) or too strong (the binding does not open during a fall, for example), the skis must be taken to the nearest sporting goods store to have the bindings checked. Recommendation: take your time to get used to the new rental equipment and start out carefully. The renter shall inspect the rental equipment upon receipt. In the absence of any reaction to the contrary, he renter confirms that he has received the rental equipment in perfect condition. The rental company will cover normal wear and tear of the equipment. The renter is liable for damage ensuing from careless use of the rental equipment. The rental amount is to be paid in advance together with a deposit. The deposit will be reimbursed when the rental equipment is returned. The rental equipment is to be returned at the time stipulated.The renter is liable for lost and stolen rental equipment. The renter may waive this liability by paying an additional charge of 10 % of the rental value. The renter can purchase this additional insurance on site.