8 BULLETPROOF STEPS to create the perfect adventure

We're very excited to see you here! We hope you enjoy using HYLL to create beautiful memories.

As promised, here are the eight steps to help you create your next great adventur

1. Explore your options on the HYLL app 🤳

Check the HYLL app and click on “Find your next adventure”.

Here, you can define your preferences.

Determine how far you would like to go, your preferred date, your interests, whether it’s cultural exploration, adventure activities, relaxation, or a combination of different experiences.

HYLL will take care of suggesting you the best options based on your preferences and weather conditions.

✏️ If you’d like to see more options…

You can also choose among the “Top Deals of the Month” to get greater discounts, or browse your options based on your favorite activities and places.

2. Choose the perfect adventure for you ✨

In every adventure section, you will find a brief description of the experience, a tip from our team, booking tips, opening hours, instructions on how to get there, and similar adventures.

Select “Start planning” on the experience you chose and select the date you prefer.

3. Invite your favourite people 🫂

You can create an invitation link to download the HYLL app and invite your friends to join your plans to make the organization even funnier and easier.

✏️ Try it now!

Select “Add a participant” and have fun 😁

4. Buy the tickets and rent equipment 🏂

If necessary, buy the tickets to start your adventure from the supplier’s website and rent the needed equipment: you will find booking suggestions from other users about where you can get everything you need in the app!

5. Plan a culinary stop 🍔

To live your adventures to the fullest, you certainly need lots of energy! Make sure to evaluate a culinary stop near your selected location to feed your body and soul before or after your experience.

Use tools such as Google Maps, Spotted by Locals, and TripAdvisor to find which restaurants are suggested by local people.

6. Plan how to arrive there 🚄

Research the most convenient and efficient modes of travel, whether it’s trains (check our RailAway discounts!), buses, or cars.

Account for travel time, transfers, and check for any required reservations or tickets.

7. Prepare for contingencies ☔

Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as changes in weather, transportation delays, or closures. Have backup plans or alternative activities in case of unexpected situations.

8. Avoid cramming your schedule too tightly 🤓

Include some free time to relax and to explore. This flexibility will allow you to embrace spontaneous opportunities and make the most of unexpected discoveries.

Finally, share with us your best videos and photos!

If you enjoyed your experience, please let us know that by tagging us on Instagram (@hyll) or by e-mailing us at hi@hyll.com sending us your best photos and videos!

Our team loves to know when our work helped someone to create great memories 😇

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